Niagara Summit 2018

Niagara Summit 2018
Content downloads

We welcome you to download the presentations given during the event. We hope you continue to find value in the content. We're glad you were a part of this year's Niagara Summit and appreciate your commitment to the Niagara Community.

Developer Bootcamp: Building Niagara

Developer Bootcamp: Common Niagara Development Pitfalls

Developer Bootcamp: Developer Showcase

Developer Bootcamp: Niagara Development with Tags, Relations and Queries

Developer Bootcamp: Niagara 4 Security

Developer Bootcamp: Web & Mobile Graphics in Niagara 4

Applications Track: Accelerated Engineering Using Templates and Provisioning

Applications Track: Active Directory and SAML Integration

Applications Track: Cyber Security and Application Hardening

Applications Track: From the Big Screen to the Small Screen

Applications Track: IoT Connectivity

Applications Track: Niagara Analytics

Applications Track: Niagara Enterprise Security

Applications Track: Data Modeling

Applications Track: Supersize My Supervisor

Applications Track: Niagara Cloud Services

Business Track: Master Systems Integrator. The SI of Tomorrow.

Business Track: ioTium: Secure Network Infrastructure for Building Automation

Business Track: RAVEN - Smart Building Applications

Business Track: Partner Cloud Applications

Business Track: Tyrrell Products and The Cloud

Business Track: Don’t Sell Analytics!!! It’s the solution that counts.

Business Track: Niagara Portfolio

Business Track: Wireless Technologies

Business Track: Wireless Technologies and Niagara

Business Track: The value of OT networks design and implementation

Business Track: Niagara Cloud Services

Business Track: Federal and DOD Requirements for Niagara

Business Track: Tagging data for successful analytics and mass deployment to the edge.

Business Track: Understanding User Experience

Business Track: Niagara Case Studies (presented by Abhijit A. Rao)

Business Track: Minneapolis Skyway Navigation Case Study

Business Track: Niagara EV Charge Control

Business Track: Niagara Case Studies (Conserve It)

Business Track: Department of Energy – Advanced Controls

Business Track: Enterprise Retail Energy Management

Business Track: Learning to Sell Niagara

Business Track: Niagara | The LG Platform Choice

Business Track: Niagara at the Edge

Business Track: GE Current Two Years Into Niagara

Business Track: Niagara at the Edge: JENEsys Edge 534

Business Track: Portability potential for building new line of N4 controllers

Business Track: Specifying Analytics

Technology Trends Track: Blockchain and Connected Industry

Technology Trends Track: Digital Transformation

Technology Trends Track: Future Proof Your Business

Technology Trends Track: Hotel of Things

Technology Trends Track: BMS working with Asset Lifecycle Management

Technology Trends Track: Thinking Outside the Box (Case Study)

Technology Trends Track: Cybersecurity Monitoring

Technology Trends Track: Smart Buildings 3.0

Technology Trends Track: Niagara as an innovation platform

Technology Trends Track: Disruptive Trends in Facility & Energy Management

Technology Trends Track: Voice of Niagara

Tridium University: Niagara 4 TCP Advanced Training (Part One)

Tridium University: Niagara 4 TCP Advanced Training (Part Two)

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