When it comes to gaining a business edge in discrete automation, the opportunity is open

By 2019, 35% of large global manufacturers will have integrated their IT and OT systems to gain advantages in energy efficiency and fulfillment response time.

But in order to achieve this factory-wide convergence, owners and managers will need a framework that can address the unique requirements of systems on the floor, on the roof and behind the wall.

IDC's new white paper, Industrial IoT Platforms Pave the Way for the Smart Factory, explores the challenges facing discrete manufacturing and how an open framework can help address them.

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Learn why an open framework is vital to the success of digital transformation in discrete manufacturing due to its ability to:

  • Connect heterogeneous network and edge assets
  • Normalize data for enterprise-wide consumption
  • Unify KPIs across operations
  • And much, much more.
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Get to know the pioneering open framework that enabled
the Internet of Things.

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See how the Niagara Framework® used edge analytics to help a manufacturer reduce scrap by 21%.