Protect your IoT assets

The proliferation of internet-connected devices combined with unprecedented growth in cybersecurity attacks means that enterprises have to be more vigilant than ever in protecting their IoT assets.

With its powerful defense-in-depth security approach, Niagara 4 can help you safeguard your devices through:

  • Secure configurations by default
  • Integration with any PKI infrastructure, LDAP directories, Kerberos
  • Out-of-the-box encrypted communications
  • Encrypted storage of sensitive information at rest
  • Digitally-signed code that is validated at run-time for malware protection
  • And much, much more
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How can you build a defense that will stand up against cybersecurity breaches? Start with our white paper, where you'll get a better understanding of the cybersecurity threats that are out there and learn approaches for defending your organization, along with 10 best cybersecurity practices, including:

  • Approaches for providing a defense-in-depth network strategy
  • Organizational approaches for defending against the threats
  • Risk management in your organization
  • Protecting yourself from ransomware attacks