Connect your customers to better operational outcomes

If your customers are asking for intuitive, real-time analytics, better data visualization, faster problem solving and on-premise control, they’re asking for Niagara Analytics.

As the only open analytics solution native to Niagara, Niagara Analytics makes it easy for you to provide your customers with the visibility, speed and control they need to optimize their buildings and drive down costs through:

  • Pre-existing analytics data model
  • Defined base algorithms library
  • Intuitive wiresheet programming
  • Real-time, on-premise analytics control
  • Powerful HTML5 visualization
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A recent research study found that enterprise decision makers cite IoT analytics as key in:

  • Rationalizing technology investment
  • Enabling predictive maintenance
  • Providing actionable insights

Learn the 7 things your customers want from an IoT analytics solution to help unearth the value in their data. 


Take a deeper dive into Niagara Analytics and learn how this robust analytics solution can help you solve your customer’s greatest challenges

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